Araba pueblo a pueblo Araba herriz herri



■ Araba (or Alava) is one of the seven provinces of Basque Country located in north of Spain, and it is compound by eight small regions compound by a few municipalities each of them.

■ This website is created around the guide "Araba herriz herri" (Araba town to town) which is annual, and aims to be a window to Araba for visitors who want to know it from a cultural, touristic and ethnographic point of view, and with this goal we´ve emphasised what is of interest in each municipality, and avoiding - as much as possible - the classic description of religious and civil architectural buildings, unless they have a peculiar or anecdotic interest apart from the purely architectural. For this reason, the visitor will be able to verify that in many municipalities even we don´t mention their monumental buildings, since it will not be difficult to find publications talking about them, since they are so abundant. For the same reason, we have also avoided - as much as possible - historical narratives of the municipalities - with some exceptions - since we have not wanted to convert this guide into a history book.

■ We have given importance to the indigenous cultural and ethnographic aspects that give identity to a municipality or region, because we believe that every indigenous detail is of interest for the visitor.

■ In short, we will say that our goal is to make an ethnotouristic guide of Araba, which we will gradually increase and expand year after year.

■ We want to say that we haven´t included all the villages of each municipality in this guide, but only those which have some peculiarity or interest to show to visitors.

■ On the other hand, as you can see, in the guide "Araba herriz herri" (Araba town to town) we have grouped the municipalities by regions, this we have done in order to the person concerned can self-schedule visits to every region of Araba, making tours and visiting the most interesting things in each one.

■ In the section "Research Dept." of this website, we have included the introduction that comes in the guide "Araba herriz herri" (Araba town to town), referring to the origin of the Basque ethnic people, of which migratory genetics is shedding light at accelerated pace in the last years, so we will gradually expand this section with new research and discoveries that are made and / or that we are doing in our Department

■ As a complement to the paper guide, we have included in this website interesting links of the genetic-migratory theme, treated in the introduction of the guide, as well as links of ethnographic topics of the Araba people.

■ As you can see, on this website we also include a "Professional Web Directory" -which we will gradually expand- to easily find the establishments that might interest you.

■ Finally, we include a "Suggestions Inbox".